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Petra Schmidt

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03.07.2021 19:00 (Europe/Zurich)
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How do we experience and shape relationship intelligence?

What imprints have our early relationship patterns left behind that still result in a limitation of relationship intelligence today?

How can we all, with our experiences, multiple intelligences, with our willingness to open up to each other, sustainably preserve and nurture a common process of transformation and connection, intimacy and thus the satisfaction of this existential need of all of us to be loved and to love.

We invite you on a journey of maturing our capacity for relationship.
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The Course is starting 01. July 2021 and is designed for 4 month (Trimestral).

The cognitive part to be found on the student-centered-learning Project as blended learning with live training sessions and additional a lifelong access to our "Integral Relationship" practice group.

Registration Information will follow after your course purchase here!

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