How do I want to live?

Consciousness meets integral reality

This course is the prelude to a whole series of transformative learning steps. Parallel to the course offer, a community for participants is being created and the possibility to take advantage of intrinsic learning offers in the future at reduced costs in the network "The Why Hostels" is given.

When we started accompanying people in 2008, our own suffering was also in the foreground. We were not entirely happy with our lives. Perhaps you feel the same way.

We felt strange in the world and had the desire to follow our inner call and longing for a more essential life. With the certainty that a richer, juicier life experience is possible.

So our drive was the narrowness of our past and the pull towards a more beautiful future.

We let this whole process take place more and more in the acceptance of what is. To recognise and learn to love the imperfect in ourselves and in life as deeply human. This gives rise to possibilities of transformation, potentials development, creativity and awakening into integral consciousness.

Admittance Fee without accommodation: € 590 / participant
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The joy of the flow of life!

Datum & Uhrzeit

20. August 2021

Start - 19:00 Freitag

27. August 2021

End - 14:00 Europe/Zurich

Casa Arts

Carril de las Alberquillas 13
29711 Alcaucin
--Casa Arts--
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Bert Zimpel - Desarrollo organizativo y personal

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How do we experience and shape our reality?

What imprints have our early social patterns left behind that still result in a limitation of relational intelligence today?

How can we all, with our experiences, multiple intelligences, with our willingness to open up to each other, sustainably preserve and nurture a common process of transformation and connection, intimacy and thus the satisfaction of this existential need of all of us to be loved and to love.

We invite you on a journey to transfom your life.

Included is the self learning course "Foundation of Integral Theory"
Odoo – Beispiel 2 für drei Spalten


To develop profound interpersonal relationships.

To feel the joy of coherence of thinking, acting and feeling.

To go far beyond understanding transformative approaches and being able to embody them. Integral in action.

We understand that everything is constructed within us and we come to look out of transpersonal spaces and see the whole picture.

With this subtler perception, unexpected and hidden aspects come to light.

Our intuition unfolds!


The Course is starting 20. August 2021, 19:00h (7pm) and ends 27. August 2021, 14:00h (2pm) at Casa Arts in Alcaucin, Malaga. May be you want to spend the afternoon of the 27th to go on an excursion to Malaga and add the 28th for a day in Granada.

Additonal material and a learners alumni community to be found at with lifelong access.

The accomodation is not included in the course fees and to be booked directly at "Casa Arts". A beautiful place to be, with gorgeous hosts and homemade organic food. More you can find following the booking link: 

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Consciousness meets integral coaching

How can learning and retreat can go together?

First of all it needs a magic place to be embedded in, a landscape that gives much energy to you. Secondly there is a structure, where you have enough time for retreat and to visit the sacred power spots in the vecinity.

We start our day with silent meditations and/or yoga in nature and and a lovingly prepared breakfast1.

This gives energy for intrinsic learning in the morning. We close our sessions in the early afternoon. Then you have time to explore the beatiful nature and culture of the Axarquia, where it is only a short distance to Malaga or the sea.

Ther course is running for 6 days, but if your want to explore Granada or other nearby sites, like Cordoba,  you may book a few days extra to digest the experience.

1 to be booked with the room

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Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens

Petra Schmidt

Certified Integral Systemic Coach with Psychosynthesis Backgroud and various Bodywork Educations, facilitator for free art expression.

Co-Founder of the "Spaces-Of-Consciousness" and cooperative member of one of the first regenerative cooperatives in Europe.

Our dedication and desire to truly bring integral consciousness into awakening and into our lives and our joy in meeting people, respectful and transparent communication with a keen sense for the other person, commitment to a conscious and sustainable world - this has shaped our entire journey as life partners.

Our own life path brought us to coaching. Our desire to develop further, to overcome certain beliefs and blockages, to consciously take responsibility for ourselves and for the society in which we live. Our enthusiasm for new views and perspectives and our courage for constant inner and outer change.

Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens

Bert Zimpel

Certified Management Coach (2003) and Organizational Developer, in Business Development and change facilitation for more than 25 Years. Mentor for socio-ecological change.

Co-Founder of the "Spaces-Of-Consciousness"  and cooperative member of one of the first regenerative cooperatives in Europe, Expert Fellow of the Academy of Potentials Development g.e.G.

We have lived in some countries, also outside Europe, for a longer period of time and have always been able to rediscover so much that is worth knowing and so beautiful.
We studied the integral theory according to Ken Wilber at the JFK-University in Pleasent Hill in California for a while and our heart's project is to bring this knowledge into real life and into our relationships.
So we followed our inner call and started to support people on their very own path.